Rheumatology & Allergy Clinical Epidemiology Research Center

The Rheumatology & Allergy Clinical Epidemiology Research Center (RACER) at Massachusetts General Hospital conducts research related to allergic and rheumatologic diseases using clinical research methods.

RACER Overview

The Division of Rheumatology, Allergy, and Immunology’s (DRAI) RACER is located within Mass General Department of Medicine’s Mongan Institute

What type of research do we perform?

Research is focused on immunodeficiencies, allergic, and rheumatologic diseases.

What kind of methods do we utilize?

We utilize a multitude of methods. Specifically, we use cohort studies like pharmacoepidemiology, casual inference, and target trial design, survey studies/PROMs, implementation/QI, informatics/AI, costing, and simulation science.


Clinical Trials


Large Data


RACER collaborates with a variety of research groups locally, nationally, and internationally. We boast several important scientific advancements related to rheumatology and allergy.

The Mongan Institute

RACER is a Mongan Institute research center. The Mongan Institute is dedicated to achieving health equity and improving the lives of people with complex health needs through research and training in population and health care delivery science.